Resume/artist statement

Influenced by the closeness of Brest’s commercial port, a strip of coastal land forcefully reclaimed from the sea – the rocky ridge running the polder’s edge, empty shims standing on docks fallen into the doldrums, dikes, cranes, rails - submerged in this universe " in between two ", saturated with rain, with wind and with light, this " urban ocean " guides my work.
Trapped in this intermediate space, I build what may be regarded as the sentinels of the port: mysterious trunks hiding codes or secret drawers, vibrating modules protective coast guards, radars or boundary markers watchful vigilantes of the quays.

I deeply admire the art works of Hiroyuki Hamada; his bright subtlety, the perfect balance of the volumes expanded back to the essential, conducted by textures raw and sophisticated at the same time, never fail to impress me. His challenge not to hide anything, and by using his sculptures’ own structure to emphasize their strength, energy and balance, Richard Deacon’s work has also become a point of reference.

My sculptures also arise from assemblies, from layers, from stratifications, from marriages between complex materials, from compositions in minimalistic spaces; it seems that rigor in my work gives me control over danger, that I create friendly interposing objects. I have found my ideal balance, the scale of the volume totally related to my body, I stop finally, for I rather not say too much.

 Resume :

06 79 85 19 54

Born in Bordeaux ,1962.
Lives and works in Brest, France.

Collective Exhibitions:

2017, Réalités Nouvelles, Paris France.

2016, Autumn Fair, Paris France.
2016, Art Fair 3f Nantes, Nantes France.
2015, National Heritage , Thomery France.
2015, Autumn Fair, Paris France.
2010, Art Gallery « Le Douze », Nantes France.
2009, Art Gallery « Ecoles des filles » Françoise LIVINEC, Huelgoat France.

Individuel Exhibitions:

2017, Bouliac France
2012, Brest’s HEC Business School, Brest France.
2011, Art Gallery « Le Douze », Nantes France.
2010, Art Gallery Hugues Pénot, La Baule France.

Privat Collections sculptures:
2014, sculpture monumental « Wall Wall » « Mur mur », Bretagne France.
2013, sculptures series « Jeux de totems », Bretagne France.
2013, sculptures series« Nouvelles icônes », Midi-Pyrénées France.
2012, sculptures series « Blackmanga », Franche -Comté France.
2010, sculpture « The mother » « La mère », Bretagne France.
2009, sculpture monumental « Big fish », Bretagne France.

Enterprise Collection - sculptures:
2013, sculptures series » Games of totems « Jeux de totems», Bretagne France.
2010, sculpture « The fist » « Le poing », Bretagne France.

Privat Collection furnitures:
2014, console table « Jewel » « Bijou », Paris France.
2013, table « Mô » red, Midi-Pyrénées France.
2012, table « Mô » blue, Bretagne France.
2011, table « Bm », Bretagne France.
2011, console table « Spot » red, Bretagne France.
2010, console table « Spot » carbon, Bretagne France.

Prize, Award:

2017, Artension prize
2015, laureat in regional 1% cultural contexte,
Sculpture « The Runner » "Le coureur", multisport hall from Garo, Milizac, Finistère France.


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